Louis Tandoh, Instructor

I hope the following FAQs answer your questions.

Please contact me here if you need any further information.

Q. How much is it?

A. What you pay depends on the programme you select after your introductory lesson. We offer monthly, six-monthly and annual payments, with annual payments providing the best value on a price-per-lesson basis.

Your payments will also reflect the number of family members participating, with discounts available for multiple students.

Q. What times are your lessons?

A. The times are listed here. Introductory lessons are held within the normal class timetable, although private introductions can be arranged on request. Just ask for details when getting in touch.

Q. I am/my child is nervous about coming for the first time, what can I do?

A. Please don’t be worried. A martial arts school may seem intimidating, but you will be made to feel very welcome. A lot of students (adults as well as children!) are apprehensive before arriving, but the nerves soon disappear once the introductory lesson starts! We can offer a private introductory lesson if you are still unsure. Just ask for details when getting in touch.

Q. How many times do I need to attend each week and can I train more if I like?

A. You should generally train twice a week to meet the preferred grading schedule. Various programmes are available, and some allow you to train as often as you like within your grade rank.

Q. What do I wear?

A. For the introductory lesson please wear something comfortable and loose. T-shirt and shorts are ideal. Once you become a student you will need to purchase a training uniform.

Q. Should I wear my training uniform to and from lessons?

A. Although we do offer changing facilities at the school, due to Covid-19 we currently ask all students to travel to and from the school in their uniform. Learn more.

Q. Will I be training with people of a similar age?

A. Our lessons are separated into Families, Little Ninjas, Juniors and Teens/Adults to ensure age-appropriate training.

  • Families: parents/guardians and children from age 3.5.
  • Little Ninjas: children from age 3.5 to 6.5.
  • Juniors: children from age 6.5 to 12.
  • Teens/Adults: children from age 13, and adults.

The lessons are all mixed sex.

Q: Can I train within the family class without other members of my family?

A. The family class is designed primarily for parents/guardians wishing to train alongside their children.

Q. I’m 55, am I too old to start training?

A. No, we have students training in their 60s. If you are not physically fit, you will need to take it easy to start with. But subject to any medical condition precluding you from training, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t train successfully and achieve your Black Belt.

Q. I can’t always train on the same nights, is this a problem?

A. For continuity we would prefer if you trained on regular nights, but we are very flexible. You can train on different nights or even at our sister school at Maidstone.

Q. I practiced Taekwondo some years ago, will I be able to continue at my present grade?

A. That depends on the type of Taekwondo you practiced. Generally speaking you will be able to retain your belt grade, subject to assessment.

Q. Will I be expected to spar with Black Belts when I start?

A. No. Beginners must achieve a full Yellow Belt before being allowed to spar. Our sparring is semi-contact, i.e. contact should be light and not forceful, and typically you will spar students of a similar belt grade.

Q. Taekwondo involves lots of dynamic kicks but is it useful for self-defence?

A. Yes, Taekwondo is useful as part of the syllabus for fitness, fun and those who decide to partake in competitions. We teach self defence techniques and drills that are practical for any situation and can be applied by everybody.